Monday, 23 May 2011

19 - French Open

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Roland Garros

The French Open started yesterday with 128 players hoping to hold up the title.
My predictions for the semifinalists:

Men's singles:
1. Rafael Nadal
5-time French Open champion, is looking to win again after last year's victory!

2. Novak Djokavic
Has not lost at all this year and has beaten Nadal 2 times in as many weeks.

3. Roger Federer
Legend of the sport, is hoping to win his 17th grand slam title!

4. Andy Murray
After missing out at the final of the Australian Open, can he go one step further?

I would have to say Nadal will win, but I have a lot of doubts...

Nadal after 2010 French Open win
Women's singles:
The women's draw has opened up significantly, with both William sister's not competing and 4-time champion Justine Henin has retired. It could be anyone's game!

1. Kim Clijsters
Even though she will be playing with an injury, she is a master at Grand Slams!

2. Caroline Wozniaki
Is in good form winning a tournament last week, but is yet to win a Grand Slam. Is this her time?

3. Francesa Schiavone
Last year's surprise winner is not in great form, but neither was she last year..

4. Sam Stosur
Australia's own Sam Stosur, after losing in the final last year wants to go one better!

Joke of the Day:
Q: Why did the motorcycle take a break?
A: Because it was "TWO TIRED"! 


  1. Nice joke of the day lol ^^

  2. Nadal can win again, he needs to focus

  3. Uh-oh, look like Nadal lost a game a freeze tag and fell over! GJ on his win, but my money is on Murray.

  4. Nadal cannot lose unless he gets injured again, he is unstoppable...

  5. Nadal is two tired as well :3 looks funny how she lays there on the ground.

  6. Man, I need to start following tennis again. Nadal will have it in the end ;P

  7. hahahaha man I loved the joke!!

  8. lol nice predictions! and nice joke

  9. I think Murray will take it all the way.

  10. it's pretty hard to go past Rafa

  11. Haha hillarious pic though :)

  12. I am pulling for Roger Federer this year

  13. Really looks like a toy figure in that picture, lol.

  14. Oh I didn't realise it was that time of year, I can't wait to catch at bit of this, love tennis.

  15. lol definitely one of the best jokes ive heard

  16. Dude, Djokavic is the clear favorite.

  17. that picture is amazingly funny xD

  18. Can't wait to see the result

  19. Damn... I wish I had a tennis field in my backyard... Oh well :)

  20. I definitely agree with your first prediction. Nadal's gonna wreck the competition.

  21. Hahaha ewww at the lameness of that jokeee, love it. Clever!!

  22. Also, you should start covering e-sports!

  23. Can't believe that every legit female tennis player lost.