Tuesday, 3 May 2011

2 - NBA

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Lets talk NBA!

The American National Basketball Association is nearing the finish of the 2011/12 season. After 82 home and away games they have arrived at the pointy end. They are currently in the middle of the play-offs with Memphis vs Oklahoma, Dallas vs Los Angeles, Atlanta vs Chicago and Boston vs Miami.

The Memphis Grizzlies have stormed through the play-offs, defeating top seed San Antonio 4-2, and starting off against Oklahoma 1-1. They are only the 3rd team ever, to finish 8th and defeat the number 1 seed. Will it be a fairy tale ending?

Under pressure
Los Angeles Lakers are trying for their 3rd consecutive championship, but are struggling. They limped across the line against  New Orleans, and have conceded the 1st game to Dallas. Will Kobe Bryant lift them to another championship?

Kobe Bryant 2010 finals MVP

Miami vs Celtics! Miami Heat lead by the athletic Lebron James have taken both games against Boston and are looking to go all the way. Will Boston come back? or will Lebron finally win a championship?

Stay tuned for results.

After every post I will put in a joke!
What's the difference between chopped beef and pea soup?
Everyone can chop beef, but not everyone can pea soup!


  1. I am all for the lakers because im from LA but i also want the heat to win because blake griffin is NUTS!

  2. Never really followed basketball a whole lot, but i'm a bit of a Miami supporter when it comes to it. Great joke as well lol.

  3. That joke is terrible haha

  4. oh man that joke... haha

    cool blog, followed!

  5. I for one can pea soup. It is a rare and admirable trait.

  6. Hahaha God damn joke at the end.

  7. My dad is going crazy that his Spurs lost.

    Me? I'm a hockey fan.