Wednesday, 4 May 2011

3 - EPL

Post no.3 here:
English Premier League!
The 10/11 season is nearly finished with the championship hotly contested. There are technically 3 teams who are still in the hunt for the win, with only 3 games left to play it will be an interesting couple of weeks.

Dominate ‘3’
Manchester United on top with 73 points. Chelsea follows on 70 points and Arsenal on 67 points. Chelsea has to get lucky to steal the championship, and Arsenal’s hope looks slim but you never know what will happen in Football.

Last year champions Chelsea took the title by 1 point over Manchester; and it looks like United will get their revenge. Arsenal maintains their 3rd from last year; and they will be looking for a move up the ladder next season.

Manchester United looks to regain the championship
Bottom ‘3’
Wigan Athletic, Wolverhampton and West Ham United. They are looking forward to next year spent in the Football League Championship, unless they can save themselves in the last 3 games. 

Joke of the day:
Two peanuts walk into a bar.
One was a salted.


  1. I have a friends who is a big Manchester United fan. also I've never heard that joke before, haha

  2. I know quite a few MU fans

  3. WOOT! GO MU!!!!!! Nice peanut joke too lol

  4. Damn baggies beat Aston Villa the other day... Noo!

  5. Schalke just was Neuer vs manU, like very time...

  6. That joke... I thought I came up with that...
    My dreams are ruined lol

  7. Man U are probably going to win, although I'd like Chelsea to win.

  8. Go Manchester!
    Never heard of that joke before. Hahah.