Thursday, 9 June 2011

33 - AFL Rd 12 tipping

Post no. 33 here:
AFL Rd 12 tipping, last week 6/8

St Kilda vs Bulldogs
Both teams need a win to stay in the finals race, and I expect Saints to win this game. Should be very close though

Adelaide vs West Coast
Adelaide need a win to keep their season alive and they should get the job done at home

Gold Coast vs North Melbourne
Difficult game to tip, Gold Coast at home but they are not looking that good. I think North should just crawl over the line

Another fantastic grab
Geelong vs Hawthorn
The game of the round, both top 4 contenders and Geelong yet to lost a game and I do not expect them to lose one now.

Carlton vs Brisbane
Carlton in great form and they should carry their momentum forward with a win over the Lions

Sydney vs Richmond
Another difficult game to choose, but Sydney at home is swaying my tip towards them. Under 20 points though

Fremantle vs Essendon
Both teams in terrible form but because Fremantle at home they should get the win. Not sure though

Melbourne vs Collingwood
This is one game I am clear who will win, Collingwood by over 40 points

Joke of the Day:
Q: What is the biggest mouse in the world?
A: Enormouse.


  1. Melbourne might suprise you yet :]

  2. I don't personally know much about this stuff, but I'm interested...

    nice blog, followed!

  3. Great blog, just discovered, I will follow you.

  4. that grab in the picture is amazing.

  5. that joke is so dumb; I approve! :D

  6. Cheers for the update, love the joke too!

  7. Shouldn't it be enormouse?

  8. im not that big of a follower to this but reading it makes me wanna get involved

  9. Looks like the Saints were convincing winners. Did you have any money on this week?

  10. Enormouse... lol

  11. Hahahha that joke is great.

  12. whoa, what happened to the picture?
    low res
    i guess?

  13. I really don't know much but I feel like I do now.

  14. I'm confused - in title you say 'AFL', but this photo shows some good continental European stuff - rugby : )

  15. Thanks for all the info. :) Followed!

  16. i love aussie rules fb! its such a savage sport and needs to gain more popularity in the US

  17. will follow for sure. I love sport and this blog will be a good read for me!