Thursday, 23 June 2011

43 - NBA Draft

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The NBA draft is approaching and here is a preview:

Cleveland and Minnesota finished last and 2nd last respectively last season and are hoping for a good outcome in the NBA draft. Cleveland has pick #1 and #4, Minnesota has pick #2 and Utah has pick #3.

This year hasn't been a strong year in the draft with their only being two stand out players and should go as pick #1 and #2.

1. Kyrie Irving (Point Guard)
He has been the stand-out in draft camp, with great skills, speed and decision making. One of his weaknesses though is that he has little college experience and is recovering from a toe injury. Should be pick #1 and go to Cleveland.
Kyrie Irving should go pick #1
2. Derrick Williams (Shooting forward)
Definitely 2nd behind Kyrie Irving and he deserves it with his shooting skills, size and skill. Derrick also spent two years playing for Arizona and has enough experience to transfer to NBA. One of his problems is what position he will play, because he can play SF and PF. Also is ability on defense, but that can be improved. Should go to Minnesota.

Joke of the Day:
Q. Why couldn't Dracula's wife get to sleep?
A. Because of his coffin


  1. as always lol@the joke. and i think derrick might be better off in defense imho

  2. Better get yo toe fixed homie so you can get dat paper!!!

  3. i'm coffin at that joke ;P

  4. whaha nice joke !
    i think derrick is better!

  5. I just want to read the results, watching it is so boring.

  6. I feel so bad for DW, he could be the next Stoudemire, but sadly, he's trapped on a team that refuses to win.