Tuesday, 21 June 2011

42 - US Open

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The US open was held last weekend with a surprise victory to Rory Mcilroy.

Mcilroy surprised everyone to win the biggest tournament of the year and at the age of 22 became the youngest person to win it in 88 years. Mcilroy finished at the end of the tournament 16 under par and won by a margin of 8 strokes.

"Rory is going to have a great career; there is no question about that. He has all the components,'' said Jack Nicklaus, the 18-time major champion who has become a mentor to Mcilroy over the last few years. This 
can only be the start of Mcilroy's career and being so young he has much to look forward too. 
Rory McIlroy - US Open 2011: Rory McIlroy opens door to making of a Holywood legend
Mcilroy during his US open win
With Tiger Woods out of the tournament, it meant the competition would be much fairer and a more contested tournament. This is not what Mcilroy had in mind when he demolished everyone else to kick-start his career. 

Some people are saying Mcilroy will overtake the record of 18 majors, but that is premature but anything is possible. Yet Mcilroy is still only 22. He is fit, he is ambitious and, most importantly of all, he now knows he can win on the game's biggest stage.

1 more Lebron James joke
Joke of the Day: 
Q. Why did Lebron leave the laundromat?
A. Because it cost $1 and Lebron only has 3 quarters 


  1. hahaha great joke, this stuff never gets old

  2. Wow, 22 and winning. Gotta love having professional golf $$ at that age

  3. Lebron jokes always make me smile on this blog.

    Good for Rory.

  4. Tiger Woods still plays?

  5. That pic looks like the end of a bitch slap. And both parties seemed to enjoy it lol

  6. rory is gonna go far!

    comment back :D

  7. I think his hype is getting a bit overboard. Maybe once he wins 5 you can say he's on his way to 19, but not after winning 1.

  8. lols i remember when tiger woods had a good name.

  9. haha that was Harsh man, but i agree

  10. lol @ the joke. also its good to see some fresh meat winning the us open for once :)

  11. Tiger woods is best :D i love this guy

  12. Pretty impressive feat. I wonder how long he has been playing.

  13. meh dont keep track with golf. Wish there was a really good asian guy rofl

  14. Lol nice joke, Rory Mcilroy is awesome imo only like Tiger Woods more.