Saturday, 2 July 2011

50 - Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Winner and Sunday Special

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The Ladies' Singles are over with the final being played yesterday, with Maria Sharapova (5) vs Petra Kvitova (8). Sharapova has been in this position 3 times before and won all 3 finals, this was Kvitova's first Grand Slam  final at the age of 21 and people expected her to fall under the pressure.

Kvitova played a near faultless match, except for losing her opening serve and was clearly better than Sharapova. Kvitova's big hitting was no match for Sharapova and all she could do was shriek in anger. Kvitova won the opening set 6-3 and this was mainly due to Sharapova's inability to hold her serve.
Photo Titled Kvitova & Sharapova
Kivtova with her trophy

The 2nd set was closer, with the score 6-4 to Kvitova but it always looked like Kvitova would claim her 1st Grand Slam win and the payout of 1.1million pounds.

Sunday Special:
Lebron James....

Joke of the Day:
Q. What do you call just married spiders?
A. Newly-webs.


  1. I didn't get a chance to watch this, but I was stunned she won.

  2. those ladies are hotties!

  3. That joke... that... joke...

  4. Im just reffering to the Poll here:

    The question should be :

    Who is teh 2nd greatest sportsman in the world since we all know that MJ the LIVING LEGEND is FIRST ;P

  5. I thought Sharapova would have won because of her experience, but I guess giants do fall after a while...

  6. That joke is on par with 50 year old dad humor :D

  7. Depressing that neither of the Williams sisters made it far

  8. I thought it was a pretty interesting match, the men's one was better though.