Thursday, 28 July 2011

68 - AFL RD 19 preview

Post no. 68 here:
The AFL season 2011 is approaching the finals with only 6 more rounds to go, here is RD 19.

North Melbourne vs Carlton
Carlton in fantastic form, and North just came off a lost. Carlton should be too good for and win by over 30

Bulldogs vs West Coast
A close match-up with West Coast having to travel, but they should have enough skill to claim the win

Geelong vs Melbourne
Geelong haven't played that well in the last month, but they are the 2nd best side of the competition and should dominate this game

Gold Coast vs St. Kilda
The 1st year side Gold Coast will be no match for the form-regaining side St. Kilda

Fremantle vs Hawthorn
A big game for both sides, Fremantle want to seal their place in the top 8, and Hawthorn in the top 4. Hawthorn should get over the line...just.

Collingwood vs Essendon
A huge game (crowd wise) but Collingwood will defeat Essendon pretty comfortably.

Adelaide vs Port Adelaide
The Adelaide show down, but both teams are terrible. Adelaide should win...

Joke of the Day:
Q. What is a dog's favorite colour?
A. Grrrrrrrreen


  1. so going to see some of this when i come over to oz

  2. nice review, and great joke as usual! :D

  3. That picture amuses me. I imagine the mario jump sound effect every time I see it.

  4. Sweet pic. That is a lot of athleticism right there!


  5. Nice picture and review.

    Not so sure about the joke, though.

  6. About the poll,
    How does Lance Armstrong get 4%? He cheated.

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  8. I did get the jioke after while but, kinda meh. Otherwise is suppose i agreed.

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  11. Thanks for the update, and the joke. My dog thought it was freaking hilarious!

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