Sunday, 10 July 2011

57 - Tour de France stage 9 and Sunday Special

Post no. 57 here:
Tour de France continues with stage 9, and it was another controversial and crash marred stage.

During the race, the break-away group was in a crash, caused by a television crew driving next to the riders. It caused two riders from that group to crash and get severely injured. It was a stage, where the contenders had to stay out of trouble and most of them did. Contador did not, he was involved in his 4th crash of this year's tour and lost more time to the leaders.

Spain's Luis Leon Sanchez won the stage, and Thomas Voeckler claimed the leader's yellow jersery but with under two weeks remaining there is still much to do in this race.

Overall Standings:
1. T. Voeckler
2. L. Sanches (+1.49 mins)
3. C. Evans (+2.26 mins)

Sunday Special (the accident of stage 9)

Joke of the Day:
Q. Why don't aliens eat clowns.
A. Because they taste funny.


  1. I like your daily jokes buddy, they are kinda special :p

  2. I always root for the cars in the Tour de France. One of these years one will win.

  3. That car so did that on purpose.

  4. Unless its The Killer Klowns from Outerspace doing the eating.

  5. im a big fan of this. love watching it!