Saturday, 23 July 2011

66 - Cadel Evans will win Tour de France

Post no. 66 here:
The Tour de France still has 1 more stage to go, but tradition means there will be no attacking the yellow jersey on the last stage into Paris.

Cadel started the time trial 57 secs behind Andy Shleck, and Evans blew the race apart finishing 2nd and beating Andy Shleck by over 2 minutes and claiming his 1st Tour win and the 1st for Australia. Evans finished second in the time trial, just seven seconds behind German Tony Martin with three-time champion Alberto Contador third.
Cadel Evans claims yellow, and the Tour de France

After coming 2nd twice, Cadel went one step further and is a massive sporting moment for him and Australia. "I've had some bad moments in the last 10 years (but) that just makes the good moments even better."

Overall Standings:
1. C. Evans
2. A. Shleck (+ 1.34 mins)
3. F. Shleck (+ 2.30 mins)

Joke of the Day:
"Doctor, I get heartburn every time I eat cake"
"Next time, take off the candles"


  1. Cadel has made Australia proud :D

  2. The man in the picture has a lion plushie. What does this have to do with his sport of choice? :P

  3. nice, he deserved it and finally over :p

  4. nice blog! keep up the good and creative work! +followed

  5. Funny how I probably won't hear about this on ESPN anymore since Lance is gone.

  6. awesome waiting for todays update.

  7. GO CADEL! So proud to see an Aussie win!