Tuesday, 12 July 2011

58 - Tour de France stage 10

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The Tour continues with stage 10 and it was another crash marred stage.

Stage 10 was a 158km ride from Aurillac to Carmaux, and it was another dangerous stage for riders. Andy and Frank Schleck are the latest 2011 contenders to be involved in a crash in this year's tour.

Le Tour
The 'Peloton' 

"We had about 10 minutes into the race and found ourselves with five guys on the ground," veteran Leopard rider Jens Voigt said. "We were changing bikes and fighting to get back to the peloton. All the guys involved are OK." 

Andre Greipel finished 1st at the end of the stage, taking the sprint from Mark Cavendish in a tight finish. 

Overall Standings:
1. T. Voeckler
2. L. Sanches (+1.49 mins)
3. C. Evans (+2.26 mins)

Joke of the Day:

A blonde keeps walking down her drive to her mail box.
She keeps doing this until her neighbour asks her why she is doing that.
The blonde replies "My computer keeps telling me that I've got mail."


  1. I don't follow this much, but I don't recall anyone thinking Voeckler would be winning at this point.

  2. Riding through a sunflower field... Cool...

  3. rofl. looks like evans is getting cutting down to size.

  4. so...I should bet all my money on this Voeckler guy? or will he just fall off the top, and I'll go broke?